Praise for Joseph Meigs' Tenure Track

"Meigs. . . paints wonderful portraits of people who are present in most any college setting. . . . Perhaps Meigs's vivid descriptions might startle some teachers into a new pedagogy." - James Hogan, quoted in The Sylva Herald

". . . Tenure Track is a delightful, laugh-filled tongue-in-cheek novel. . . . Meigs achieves this through skillful weaving of characterizations with plot and humor and compassion." - Chapter 2 Books, Cashiers, NC

"Meigs pulls off a comic novel about academia with aplomb, grade, wit, and style. . . . I laughed a lot throughout, which is what a book like this is supposed to do." - Michael C. White, author of A Dream of Wolves and Brother's Blood.

"Joe Meigs's first novel is a wonderful satire about one man's quest for tenure in the English department of a small, Southern college. . . . .Overall, well worth reading, especially if you've spent any amount of time at a university (either attending or teaching). " - Alex Chernavsky,

Joseph Meigs

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